A courier at your door in just a few minutes

Call as much as you wish, and know how much it will cost.

How it works

How it works

Register your delivery
Tell us who will receive it, where it will be delivered and whether your customer should be charged or not.
Track the routes
Track your couriers throughout their routes, from the moment each request is accepted until it is delivered.
Get feedback
Your recipients will track their couriers and rate them.

Get a courier now

Check out how simple and quick a delivery is.

Aimed at whom?

We collect all types of goods, as long as they fit in a motorcycle box.

Are you already a courier?

It’s hard to look after your business while managing deliveries and couriers. Isn’t it?

Don’t make deliveries yet?

We understand that fixed labor costs are too expensive for a small volume of deliveries. We deliver only when you need.

from start to finish

No mystery about it

We will send you a weekly invoice covering the deliveries of the previous week.

No additional costs

No monthly fees or obligations.

No bureaucracy

Forget about contracts and validity terms. Start now and use the service as much as you’d like, and only when you need it.

Our price

R$ 9,00 /per delivery

Within a range of 8 km.

  • Longer distances
  • For deliveries beyond 8 km, we add R$ 1,00 per extra km.
  • In case of return
  • If a return trip is needed, we will charge only 20% of a one-way delivery.
Start Now

Are you ready?

In Brasilia, we are picking up at the neighborhoods of:
Asa Norte, Asa Sul, Sudoeste, Cruzeiro e Águas Claras

Amazing couriers

Amazing couriers

Our couriers are rigorously tested and trained. We, you and your customers are constantly rating them.

A unique experience

Your customer can pay in several ways. It is as easy and safe as this.

Our staff is on your side

Our staff is at your convenience by phone, e-mail and WhatsApp, even on Sundays, from 10 am to 10 pm.

They love call our couriers